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When unexpected things suddenly happen, you get positive feedback when a business is adapted to future conditions. At this point in the pandemic, we are seeing similar signs in our business within FME.
FME is increasingly used when digitalization of processes requires integration of applications and datasets. And FME is good for all types of data - not just BIM and geodata.

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Safe Software Webinars

Get inspired by Safe's free webinars. Download tutorial workspaces and start learning!

FME World Fair 2021

Go through the format funhouse, or take a ride on the Zipster Zipper. Spin the wheel of flowing data, then go on the data pipeline roller coaster.

Revit 3D model, FME and AR

Learn more about how to combines a room from a Revit 3D model with a panoramic mobile phone image into an AR application.

SWECO is registered as Platinum Value Added Reseller of the ETL tool FME from Safe Software. We have experienced and certified personnel that can deliver installations of FME Desktop and FME Server, courses and qualified consultant support. Our several FME Certified Professionals and FME Certified Trainers operate in Scandinavia and other parts of the world.

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