Sweco and FME®

How does FME makes the 3D world of the HoloLens?

Join our webinar the 7th of September (11:00-12:00) and learn how to transform data with FME to make it compatible with the HoloLens.
We will demonstrate the result with the HoloLens! – Sign up here

FME user conference 2017

The FME User Conference took place the 24 – 26 of May in Vancouver, Canada. Sweco was there – more involved than ever!

With representatives from many different countries and regions, Sweco held several presentations.
You can find them all in the links below.

Dataflows for Massive 3D Data with FME Desktop and FME Cloud – Ulf Månsson
Any EPSG Dynamic Tilecache – Nariman Emamian, Mikael Månsson
Collecting Data with Apple Watch and FME Cloud – Ulf Månsson, Mikael Månsson
Tableau Dashboard for Decision Support – Jurgen Van Tiggelen, Henri Veldhuis
Tuning a 16 Engine FME Server Site at the European Environment Agency – Ulf Månsson
Tolerance – Michiel Schram
How to Fly an Airplane with FME (Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love AIXM) – Håkan Samor
Operational Data Management the AERIUS Way – Michiel Schram

Sweco co-hosted the first ever open FME Hackathon with the theme Earth Monitoring Tools with FME.
Read more about the event and take part of the inovative results!

For more fun reading – including our Apple Watch Innovation, visit Safe’s blog where you can find recaps from all of the days.

Migrating to A360 with FME

Together with Bonava, Sweco has developed a solution for migrating construction files from various legacy systems
in eight countries and multiple languages, into an emerging cloud data sharing platform.

This is done using FME and through the identification of the three following steps:

1. Restructure the various data file systems into a single A360-compatible structure their client had chosen.
2. Upload this data to the cloud in the correct order for A360 to recognize iterations of the same file.
3. Verify success of data uploads to provide quality control.

“My colleagues heard ‘data migration’ and immediately thought of FME.” — Gabriel Hirsch, Sweco

Read more about the project and the work done here!

What’s new in FME 2017.0? 

Something is different this year. Those of you who like to open presents early will be thrilled.
It’s a Release Candidate, and it’s available now!

Watch the webinar and find out what’s new, read about it on Safe’s blog or get your hands on it and discover for your self right away.

Sweco celebrates 10 years successful ETL partnership with Safe Software by achieving prestigious Platinum status.

Sweco Position, with focus on IT for Urban development, have long time experience in helping clients within the field of Geographic IT. A key success factor in this field is the possibility to let data flow seamlessly between different systems and storage methods.

A tool widely used for this purpose is FME by Safe Software. Since partnering with Safe Software 10 years ago Sweco have gathered world leading ETL experts. On staff, Sweco have the largest numbers of FME Certified Professionals and Trainers in Scandinavia.

“Sweco staff have demonstrated incredible ingenuity and innovation time after time in their creative application of our FME technology to customer problems. The resulting solutions have saved Sweco clients untold hours of time and uncounted amounts of money, and have been an inspiration to our partners and clients around the world” said Dale Lutz, co-CEO and co-founder of Safe Software. “We can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will bring.” says Dale Lutz at Safe Software.

”We really value this long time Partnership with Safe Software. The diversity of systems and data, in the field of Geographic It, demands knowledge and advanced technology. All this is packaged in FME and we are happy to see more clients enabling data to flow freely!” says Ulf Månsson, Partner Manager for FME at Sweco.


Sweco is registered as Platinum Value Added Reseller of the ETL tool FME from Safe Software.

We have experienced and certified personnel that can deliver installations of FME Desktop and FME Server, courses and qualified consultant support.

Our several FME Certified Professionals and FME Certified Trainers operate in Scandinavia and other parts of the world.

For more information, please choose your area in the menu above.