Webinars 2017

Webinar 2017-01-10
Need som FME inspiration to start of your year? Sign up for our free webinar the 10th of January. Subject for the day will be “Tips & trix”. You might also get the chance to see how to run FME Workspaces from your wrist!

Previous Webinars

If you haven’t yet had the time to try out the news in FME 2016 yourself, and if you understand Swedish, watch the webinar by Gabriel Hirsch and Ulf Månsson where they let you in on some first-hand experience of FME 2016 – The FeatureWriter revolution.

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Two webinars where held in September 2015:
Sweco Webinar #2: FME Intro
2015-09-02, 09:00-09:30
New to FME? This webinar will get you started.
Please register here.

Sweco Webinar #3: FME News
2015-09-09, 09:00-09:30
Here we are going to show of the newest features in FME 2015.2. Don´t miss out!
Please register here.

Did you miss out on the first Sweco FME Webinar? See the recorded Webinar here.