Excellence Center for FME

The FME Platform

If you have a valid maintenance contract for your license you can always update to the latest version of FME. Find it here.

FME Desktop

Connect applications and transform data in a few quick clicks with FME Desktop. Create and reuse data integration workflows easily.

FME Server

Run workflows in real time using FME Server using enterprise automation and rest easy knowing your data is where it needs to be.

FME Cloud

Run FME Server in the cloud. FME Cloud combines the speed and flexibility of the cloud with the automation power of FME Server.

How are they connected?

Users create workspaces in FME Desktop’s authoring environment. They can be run in FME Desktop, or for enhanced automation can be published to FME Server, which you host on-premises on your own server. If you prefer to let us host FME Server, then choose the cloud-based version of FME Server, namely FME Cloud.