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FME World Tour 2014 – Copenhagen May 23

Sweco and Safe Software had the pleasure to invite to this year’s largest FME user conference in Copenhagen on May 23.
The software FME – the GIS world’s answer to the Swiss army knife – is used by a number of organizations in Denmark.
The conference offered not only an excellent opportunity to meet other users but also the following presentations:

Lizard Island: The Making Of – Dean Hintz, Safe Software
An FME Overview.

Atom feed and datadistribution – Peter Laulund, GST
Distribution of data with FME.

Minecraft and 3D – Ulf Månsson, Sweco
See how to craft and build with the power of FME.

FME in a Danish municipality – Tue Nilsson Poulsen, Silkeborg
Flexibility and automation with FME at Silkeborg municipality.

Lizard Island: FME On Location – Dean Hintz, Safe Software
FME User Stories from Around the World.

Download features from ArcGis online maps – Jan Bliki, EEA
It´s easy to build your own web map in ArcGis online but the European Environment Agency is missing a download
function for all these maps. Here we demonstrate how FME server solves that problem as a generic solution.

Lizard Island: Expedition 2014 – Dean Hintz, Safe Software
FME 2014 in Action and handling iNSPIRE, GML & XML, Big Data, MapNikRasterizer, Server services, OGC and Point Clouds.

3D print & FME – Miso Iric, Malmö stad
The city of Malmö using FME to prepare data to be printed in 3D.

FME World Tour

The conference aimed at all FME users, both new and experienced, but also at those who are curious and not yet totally devoted.

As with previous user conferences, Sweco and Safe Software collaborated to achieve a wide variation of presentations
and as many different user examples as possible. The presentations were held in English.

Dean Hintz from Safe Software attended the conference in Copenhagen to inspire and talk about FME

Dean is a Senior Analyst on Safe Software’s Professional Services team. A Certified FME
Professional, he is responsible for helping customers design custom applications based
on the FME spatial data transformation platform. Dean also teaches FME training and
provides technical support. Focus areas include XML/GML, OGC web services, raster, 3D,
including applications like EU INSPIRE, AIXM and 3DIMGeo. Prior to joining Safe, Dean
was a senior consultant at Facet Decision Systems. Project implementations included
county planning models, hydroelectric network optimization, and transmission line
siting models. Dean has a B.Sc. in Computer Science (Geography) from Trinity Western
University in Langley, BC.

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