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Stockholm September 5-6 and Copenhagen September 7

Sweco and Safe Software had the pleasure to invite to the largest FME user conference in Scandinavia in Stockholm, with an additional day in Copenhagen, in 2012. FME World Tour made a stop for two days, September 5-6 , at Skansen in central Stockholm, the longest stop on the whole tour. In total there was about 150 participants and the conference aimed at everyone who is an FME user, both beginners and experienced ones. In Copenhagen the conference was held at IDA Mødecenter on September 7 and held about 45 participants. Both days contained presentations from diverted areas of techinque, all having FME as the common denominator.

Presentations from FME World Tour in Stockholm and Copenhagen 2012:

What’s Great in FME2012 and Beyond (Safe Software)

Generation of planting proposals with iterative multi-criteria analysis (Anton Sandström, Sweco)

Automated data conversion using FME Server (Anton Sandström and Mårten Martinsson, Sweco)

Buffering the coast of Norway (Sigbjørn Tillerli Herstad, Norkart)

Exchanging data from the National Road Database (NVDB) to the National Land Surveys Basic Topographic Data (GGD) (Thomas Norlin, Trafikverket)

FME Desktop and Server in Finland (Lassi Tani, Spatialworld Oy)

FME in Nacka (Peter Lund, Nacka Kommun)

Daily updated work orders on map (Trond Ottersland, Powel AS)

FME and ArcGIS Model Builder (Fredrik Thorén, ESRI)

Google Fusion Tables (Safe Software)

Multiprocessing (Safe Software)

Raster (Safe Software)

XML Sing Along! (Safe Software)

Fully automated extraction of detailed map data for deliveries to the Norwegian commercial market using FME Server (Produktsjef, Knut Olav Sunde, Geodata AS)

Non-geographic public service data in a web map – automatically (Ola Setterby, Sweco)

INSPIRE, GML and WFS (GIS-konsult, Mikael Andersson, Metria)

Using laserdata & WMS to lift land use plans into 3D (Hans Gunnar Steen & Vidar Hjelmeland Brekke, Norkart)

Linear referencing with FME (Knut Jetlund, Statens Vegvesen)

Determining the elevation of ditches with the Swedish National Elevation Model (NNH) (Mårten Martinsson, Sweco)

Putting xyz on your data! (Sigbjørn Tillerli Herstad, Norkart)

Python-scripting in FME (GIS spesialist, Arne Løitegård, Statens Vegvesen)

Time saving raster evaluation with FME Server (Ulf Brising, Sweco)

Shutdown scripts in FME (FME Certified Professional, Peter Laulund, KMS)

If you are ambitious, you have to be lazy – the sequel! (FME Certified Professional, Curt Carlsson, NENCA)

Intelligent papers on the Nuclear Powerplant in Barsebäck (FME Certified Professional, Ulf Månsson, Sweco)

How I learned to love XML! (FME Certified Professional, Peter Laulund, KMS)

FME Data Migration and Q&A Strategies (Ulf Månsson, Sweco)

FME User Group in Denmark (Ulf Månsson, Sweco)