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FME User Conference 2010



The 2010 FME User Conference was hosted by Sweco and Safe Software, and Co-hosted by Geodata AS, Norkart Geoservice AS, Spatialworld Oy, Metria and ESRI S-GROUP. About 120 particiapnts gathered from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands and Canada to exchange experiences and inspire one another.

Agenda 2010 FME User Conference, Malmö October 11-12

Presentations held at the 2010 FME User Conference:

Introduction and Agenda October 11th (Ulf Månsson, Sweco)

2010 – An FME Odyssey (Safe Software)

Implementing Inspire Download Services Using Open Source and FME Software at Geological Survey of Norway (Bjørn Ove Grøtan, NGU)

Implementation of the Topographic Database Download Service (Lassi Tani, Spatialworld Oy)

Transformers Dissected (Peter Segerstedt, Sweco)

Cooking with Open Source (Safe Software)

Geometric Matching (Knut Jernlund, Norwegian Public Roads Administration)

FME Projects at Lantmäteriet (Stefan Autio, ESRI S-GROUP)

If You Are Ambitious, You Have to Be Lazy – a Strategy for Good Developing (Curt Carlsson, NENCA)

Introduction and Agenda October 12th (Ulf Månsson, Sweco)

FME Server – Raw to Cooked (Safe Software)

FME2011 and Beyond (Safe Software)

Visualizing Data Quality (Arne Fjellro Løjtegård, Norwegian Public Roads Administration)

Publishing and Data Sharing for INSPIRE (Anna Halvarsson, Metria)

Bring Your Old Maps Back to Life! (Ola Setterby, Sweco)

FME at Trafikverket (Thomas Norlin, Trafikverket)

Data Coordination (Gabriel Hirsch, Sweco)

How We Make Better Maps with FME (Hans Gunnar Steen and Vidar Stensrud, Norkart)

The Danish Nature and Environment Portal (DMP) (Ulf Månsson, Sweco)

Center for Transformation (Peter Åberg, Metria)

Creating Terrain Models with FME (Knut Jernlund, Norwegian Public Roads Administration)