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Why FME Server?

Configurable REST API

Highly Scalable

You're Secure with Safe


Straightforward to Use

Futureproof (i.e. A Path to the Cloud)

FME Server

FME Server works hand-in-hand with FME Desktop. Design the workflow you want to automate in FME Desktop’s drag-and-drop interface and then publish it to FME Server at the push of a button. By using FME Server you can schedule the workspace you created to automatically run at any time interval, turn it into a self-serve process for others to run whenever they want, or have your workspace always running in real-time. Engines are the power behind FME Server and process jobs one-at-a-time. If multiple jobs exist, they either queue up behind the single engine or get distributed across multiple engines for simultaneous processing power.

Do I need FME Desktop? Yes, you also need FME Desktop. FME Server runs on workspaces which are authored in FME Desktop.

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