Sweco celebrates 10 years successful ETL partnership with Safe Software by achieving prestigious Platinum status.
Read more about it here!

Safe Software’s official blog: Nuclear BIM: Forsmark Integrates CAD, GIS, BIM, and Non-Spatial (2015)

Video, about FME and Minecraft in GeoDesign, from ESRI GeoDesign Summit 2015: Geodesign and Gaming

Webinar with Safe Software: Geospatial and Minecraft – Why You Should Care (2015)

Safe Software’s official blog: Minecraft & Spatial Building Momentum: Implications for Geodesign (2015)

FME UC 2014: FME Goes Nuclear – Part 2:

FME UC 2014: Crowdsourcing Through Gaming – FME and Minecraft:

Let the Games Begin: Part Two – Denmark’s Minecraft Release (2014):…

Download the FME Lizard Island Minecraft-map here and unzip the file into your saves folder (2014):

Imagination Made Real in Blockholm (GEOInformatics 1 – 2014):

Minecraft och Geodata – (SINUS 1 – 2014 – In Swedish):

Minecraft and GIS hangout featured in James Fee’s blog Spatially Adjusted (2013) – with free GST Geodata demo:…

Building an alternative Stockholm in Minecraft using FME (2013):

Article on FME and multi-criteria analysis at The Woodland Cemetery (2013):…

FME Webinar about creating a 3D model from 2D CAD data (2012):

Article on building a 3D model from 2D CAD data (2012):…

Article in GeoInformatics about flood analysis (2010):

On-the-fly coordinate system conversions with FME Server (2008):…

Article in Sensors & Systems on coordinate system transformations in Sweden’s municipalities (2008):…

Press release from Safe Software about using FME Server in the City of Gothenburg (2008):

Press release from Safe Software about new certified FME experts (2007):

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