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How we can help in the current COVID-19 situation

Updated: 2020-03-23 08:30

Safe Software does not want software licensing to prevent solutions from being found or communities from being protected. We strongly agree!

A.   Free licenses for COVID-19!
There are possibilities to get free Desktop and FME Server licenses for the battle against COVID-19.
Get the free FME license for COVID-19 projects here.

B.   Are you using FME remotely?
Bandwidth can become a problem during the crisis. We are glad to help you with free license-alternatives.

C.   Dataflow Response Team
We are starting several dialogues within the FME Community to learn how we can help in this unknown situation. Based on experience, we know that crisis management needs a lot of data, often from unexpected sources and formats. Within Sweco, we have formed a large international FME Expert Network - "The Dataflow Response Team". The team is preparing for 24/7dataflow services.

The team now has focus on assisting our FME Clients in identifying dataflows that are needed to set up or enhance. The team is dedicated and eager to help. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions, ideas or support needs! As this crisis develops, swift action can make a lot of difference.

We expect that there will be a lot of Excel, PDF and other sources of information that need to be collected, combined and disseminated during the crisis. FME is a great tool to automate the processing of these resources – enabling its use in databases, GIS systems, dashboards, etc. Don’t forget that FME is a powerful integration engine for any kind of information - not only geodata.

As soon as we see reusable solutions, we will try to make them available!

D.   Boosting the FME Support
We are also boosting the regular support for our clients, to assist you in keeping up and developing important dataflows in a difficult situation.

For help with anything of the above here are initial contactinformation:

(will be updated with more countries and locations)